Steamboat Seafood Co. & Deli

Steamboat Seafood Company & Deli

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

Address: 1030 Yampa Avenue, Steamboat Springs

Hours: 9a–7p


Steamboat Seafood Company & Deli began serving residents in the local Steamboat Springs area in 1982. The company provides the freshest meat and seafood that is served each and every day. It is important to note that Steamboat Seafood Company & Deli is not a restaurant, but rather a place to get some of the best ingredients to cook with. The company keeps its shelves and deli counter stocked with gourmet meats, frozen and fresh seafood, and homemade pasta items.

What They’re Known for: Steamboat Seafood Company & Deli is known for their perfect products. The steaks carried here have the best marbling throughout each piece, and you will never see a low quality slab of meat. While here, you can find exotic and hard-to-find pieces of game including pheasants, squab, duck, elk, caribou, goose, and more. Steamboat Seafood Company & Deli is not just a meat company, either. You can shop and pick up quality sides and accompaniments to go along with your meat including cheeses, pastas, fresh herbs, frozen cocktails, and even gourmet nuts and berries.

What to Watch for: The quality of the meats and food you get. Because you’re also going to notice the prices whether you’re watching for them or not. Steamboat Seafood Company & Deli is inspected regularly by the USDA and meets all standards, but the company has also received HACCP certification. So know that while you are paying more, you are getting much better quality.

Price: $5-$30+

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Steamboat Seafood Company & Deli