Steaming Bean Coffee

Steaming Bean Coffee

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

Address: 635 S. Lincoln Ave., Steamboat Springs

Hours: 7a–6p

Steaming Bean Coffee is the local place to be for delicious coffee in Steamboat Springs. The coffee shop is located right in the center of the action in the Old Town Square Plaza. When you are seeking a hot, steamy cup of joe or you want an iced coffee because you embrace the cold, Steaming Bean Coffee has what you need. In addition to the irresistible coffee and expresso, you can bite into a succulent dessert. The baked goods are made in house and are truly gorgeous on the outside.

What They’re Known for: Steaming Bean Coffee is known for their treats that are made fresh every day. From a piece of biscotti in a multitude of flavors to fruit tarts that tease your taste buds, you will find something to eat now and something to take home for later. The hot chocolate is a number one winner and comes in a cup. The steaming hot drink is creamy and will warm you up even on the coldest day in winter. You can stop by for breakfast, lunch, or on your way home to enjoy the atmosphere and tantalizing treats.

What to Watch for: The atmosphere at Steaming Bean Coffee is amazing. All of the staff is friendly and outgoing. If you can’t decide on something to try, ask one of the team members to recommend something for you. The coffee joint has chairs and couches throughout the dining area to provide you with a comfortable place to unwind and relax after your ski trip.

Price: $3-$8

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Steaming Bean Coffee