The Tap House

The Tap House

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0

Address: 729 Lincoln Avenue, Steamboat Springs

Hours: 4p–midnight


The Tap House is a fun and exciting place to be any night of the week. The restaurant offers a dinner and late night menu for all patrons to enjoy. For a juicy, fat burger to eat after work, this is the place to be. You can wash your bacon and cheese burger down with a cold brew on tap all while watching television and listening to the awesome music in the background. The atmosphere at The Tap House is upbeat, fun, and enjoyable for anyone who stops in. The restaurant is not just a bar joint, and it makes a great wings-and-burgers joint for the kids, too.

What They’re Known for: The Tap House is well-known for their large selection of beers right on tap. Many locals love the finger-licking wings The Tap House has to offer. You can choose from a variety of sauce flavors including the traditional mild, medium, and hot. Feeling a little inspirational and daring? Try the peanut butter and jelly wings while you are there. Another favorite is the mac n’ burger which includes friend macaroni and cheese atop a juicy patty.

What to Watch for: The Challenge Wing. The challenge wing is a double, ultra, triple dare for you to take when you come into The Tap House. The wings are incredibly hot—super, duper hot. The challenge requires that you eat six wings without taking a sip of anything to drink, and you can win a t-shirt. All we can say is know your digestive system: This kind of thing can make you a legend amongst your friends, or you spend the rest of the trip within a moment’s notice of the bathroom. Or maybe both.

Price: $7-$25

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The Tap House