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Vail Ski Rental Deals and Discounts

Vail is the largest and one of the most popular Colorado ski resorts, and with over 2 million skiers filling the lifts last season, you can be confident that there are tons of places to rent skis. But you won’t have discounts to all of them or know who has the best skis, so we have you covered there for Vail ski rentals. Check out the list below and choose from any of our discounts on equipment rentals. There is more information below if you have further questions on renting snowboards and skis.

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Christy Sports in Vail – 20% Off

Choose from a wide variety of ski rental packages from Christy Sports in Vail. Premium, demo, and sport ski packages are available for adults. Guests can also rent helmets, boots only, skis only, and junior ski/snowboard packages. The Christy Sports store in Vail Village is located at 293 Bridge Street. Save 20% by booking online at least a day in advance. If you click through from this page, the discount will be added to your session.


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Vail Sports/ – 20% Off

There are 8 Vail Sports stores located throughout the Vail Valley. There are rental locations inside of the Ritz-Carlton Club and the Vail Arrabelle. Ski brands available for rent here include; Salmon, K2, and Volkl. Vail Sports reservations are made online through the website. You can make reservations through the link below and get a 20% discount for booking early.


Breeze Ski Rentals

Breeze Ski Rentals – 20% Off

The Breeze Ski Rental store location is in Lionshead Village. Skiers and snowboarders can rent their equipment online, pick it up at the store, and walk directly to the gondola from here. You can also rent jr packages, ski helmets, and performance skis. Visit the official Breeze website through the link below.


Door to Door Ski & Snowboard Rental Delivery – 20% Discount

The name says it all. Door2Door is a division of Christy Sports, so you can rest easy that they are great. The ski delivery concept is becoming more popular and it’s likely here to stay with time being so precious–why spent it in a rental shop? This is a great option in Vail or almost anywhere else in the state. It’s more expensive, but many find it worth the cost.



Wisdom on Renting Skis in Vail

Here’s the thing: you need to book online at least one day in advance to get savings. Every place in Vail that rents equipment has a way for you to reserve your gear online. They do this for themselves so they can better forecast and handle demand–and know for sure what sizes and skier level of equipment they need on hand. For your troubles, they reward you with discounts. If you just walk into a shop–just like if you walk into a hotel without first going to Hotwire or Kayak or Priceline–you are going to pay more. Simple as that. So no matter where you are going to ski, in this state or the next, book your gear online at least 24 hours in advance and save money without extra effort. Please. If you learn nothing else from us, learn this.

Rent from a company close to the base. Here’s why. In the unlikely chance that a ski breaks or a binding comes apart, or even if your boots are a little too tight, you can just ski down and get them swapped out for the right stuff. If you rent from a place that is not close to the base, it will either be a long walk in ski boots or an aggravating drive to parts unknown. In most cases, you will lose a huge chunk of expensive skiing. So even if you rent your skis at the Christy Sports in Denver, there is a Christy store at the Vail base that will honor your rental and help you out. Just be sure that you have the right base area when you are skiing down.

Helmets are a good thing to buy. Myself, I don’t like putting my head where a bunch of other people’s headsweat has been. I’m sure the rental shops clean them thoroughly, but still. Helmet rentals are usually $8-$13/day depending on where you rent them. You can get a good helmet for $60, a crappy one for $40, and an expensive one for $120. They will all protect you. Helmets are typically not included in the package, so they are always extra. The point is that if you take two ski trips, most all helmets are paid back above rental cost, and plus you don’t have to feel anyone else’s headsweat. Bonus.

Don’t be afraid to return to the store if something is wrong. It will not cost you extra if your skis are too fast or too slow or if you feel your ski poles aren’t the right size or something. I’m talking within the same package. You can’t rent the sport package and then come back later and ask for premium boots. But if you stay within your package, you can go back and get what suits you best, at no charge. The most common issue is that boots are too small/tight, but give them a chance first. Your feet will slide backwards into the heel pocket when you are skiing and give your toes more room, but you are the best judge of room.

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