The Vail Restaurant Scene + Minturn dining

Because of its reputation and volume of visitors, Vail is just absolutely stacked with great restaurants. In fact, the Vail restaurant scene might rival that of some sizable cities and definitely tops in the world for a city this size. Just tons and tons of fine dining everywhere in the area, as well as awesome pizza an breakfast dining. If you are looking for upscale dining for dinner, we would recommend making a reservation. Two million people visit Vail every winter and they all have the same thing in mind as you, so plan ahead. It is not uncommon for the more popular places to be booked a few weeks out. No joke. Even the local haunts, such as Blue Moose Pizza, can have a line out the door all day long. Just be sure to make a big list and be prepared to be flexible.

For dining in Minturn, which is just a few minutes away, you are going to find a few places that are a little more wild west and a bit cheaper. The Minturn Saloon is a must, especially if you have just done the Minturn Mile (we are not going to tell you where this is). You will find it considerably easier to get a table here, but there still might be a wait.

Alpenrose Restaurant – Vail European Cuisine – $20-$25/person

Alpenrose transports you from the Rockies to the Swiss Alps, with their intimate atmosphere and authentic German and Austrian food.

Bart & Yeti’s – Lifthouse Lodge Vail – $5-$20/person

Bart & Yeti’s is a delicious bar and grill located in the Lifthouse Lodge. The surrounding views are beautiful and breathtaking.

Blue Moose Pizza Vail – Great Pizza Near Skiing – $10-$20/person

Blue Moose Pizza specializes in excellent pizza at a reasonable price. They offer in-house dining, as well as take-out and delivery.

Bol Restaurant – Great Food & BOWLING – Yes Bowling

Bol is an extremely popular, world renowned bowling alley featuring a full service restaurant and sixty foot bar making this the perfect stop for any vacationer.

Bully Ranch Restaurant – Comfort Food – $15-$30/person

For those looking for a taste of the Old West during their visit to Vail, The Bully Ranch Restaurant is always a good choice.

EL Sabor – Latin American Cuisine – $15-$23/person

El Sabor is a Latin American restaurant focusing on heritage inspired dishes from Mexico, South America, Central America, and Spain.

Elway’s Vail – You Know Elways. I Don’t Need to Tell You.

Elway’s Vail is located inside The Lodge at Vail. If you’re looking for an excellent steak or cut of lamb to be prepared exactly how you like it, Elway’s is the place

Flame Restaurant – Vail Steakhouse – $25-$50/person

Flame Restaurant takes a whole new and exciting twist on what you would normally expect when you step foot inside of a steakhouse.

Joe’s Famous Deli – Bomber Sandies – $5-$10/person

Joe’s famous deli is a great place to grab a quick sandwich or some ice cream.

Lancelot Restaurant – Vail Village – $7-$40/person

Lancelot Restaurant is a restaurant that includes a bar located in the heart of Vail Village.

La Tour Restaurant – Great Value in Vail – $15-$40/person

La Tour has received great honors, including Wine Spectators “Best of Award of Excellence”–so you know the drinks are top of the line.

Leonora – Tapas and Bistro Fare – $30-$50/person

Leonara creates an energetic and warm atmosphere that fosters friendship and community.

Loaded Joe’s Vail – Breakfast & Coffee – $5-$10/person

Loaded Joe’s Vail is the ideal place to warm up before hitting the slopes or to relax after. They have a wide variety of breakfast items and baked goods.

Lord Gore Restaurant at Manor Vail – $7-$35/person

The Lord Gore Restaurant is known for providing you with a mouthwatering dinner that you can’t stop eating and a breathtaking view that you can’t stop looking at.

Los Amigos – Great Mexican in Vail – $10-$25/person

Los Amigos is a local favorite for Mexican cuisine and margaritas. They feature traditional Mexican fare made with high quality ingredients.

Ludwig’s Restaurant – Fine Dining – $25-$65/person

Ludwig’s Restaurant transports patrons from the Rockies to the Swiss Alps, with their exquisite view of the mountain and equally delicious food.

Matsuhisa – Great Seafood & Sushi – $10-$40/person

The last thing you’re going to want to do is wait for a table, so if you plan on eating at Matsuhisa you definitely want to plan ahead and make reservations.

Mountain Cupcakes – Amazing Vail Sweets – $3-$10/person

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Mountain Cupcakes is your hot-spot for all of the best sweets and treats throughout Vail.

Nozawa Sushi & Asian Kitchen – $6-$25/person

If you enjoy great, fresh sushi, then Nozawa Sushi & Asian Kitchen should be on your must-visit list.

Pazzo’s Pizzeria – Solid Pizza – $6-$35/person

If you enjoy a good pizza, and we mean really good pizza, you have to make one of your meal stops Pazzo’s Pizzeria.

Pepi’s Bar & Restaurant – $10-$35/person

Pepi’s Bar & Restaurant is a cozy little bar in Vail that has a retro ski lodge theme. You will find excellent beers, unique décor and a creative menu.

Red Lion – Get the Fish Tacos – $7-$30/person

The Red Lion is the happening place to be in Vail. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and delivers the best food and a great time to all of its patrons.

Russell’s Restaurant – Get the Crab Legs – $15-$75/person

If you are looking for an amazing steakhouse with a beautiful view and a rather long wine list to choose from, then you should stop by Russell’s Restaurant.

Tavern on the Gore – Vail Village – $10-$45/person

The Tavern on the Gore features a high-class sports bar experience, with stunning views of Gore Creek and an impressive selection of alcohol.

Tavern on the Square – Build Your Own Mac-N-Cheese

Tavern on the Square is the place for a break from the slopes. Whether you are looking to get breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack, or dinner, this is the place to be.

Up the Creek Bar & Grill – A Vail Special – $31-$50/person

Enjoy a delicious, gourmet American meal while taking in the exquisite view of Gore Creek at Up The Creek Bar and Grill.

Vendetta’s Italian Restaurant – $10-$30/person

Vendetta’s Italian Restaurant is no joke and is one of the best Italian restaurants throughout Vail.

Yama – Great Vail Sushi – $31-$50/person

Yama is located in the skiing territory. With views of the Rocky Mountains, you can enjoy a beautiful atmosphere while eating fresh and delectable sushi.

Nicky’s Quickie – Comfort Food – Under $10/person

Although Nicky’s Quickie is known for its delicious gyros, they also serve some Jewish-style classics including Matzo ball soup and potato pancakes.

The Little Diner – Breakfast & Lunch – $8-$15/person

The Little Dinner is the go-to local-owned breakfast hub in Vail, using locally sourced ingredients.

Mountain Standard – Open Wood Fire Cooking – $10-$35/person

At the Mountain Standard, you’ll find great food coupled with a first-class bar scene.

Westside Cafe – Large Group Dining in Vail – $7-$15/person

Westside Cafe and Market has quickly established itself as a local favorite since just eleven years ago when it opened.

Game Creek Club – Top End Dining – $80-$100/person

If it’s a true culinary treat you’re looking for, look no further than the Game Creek Club.

Sweet Basil – Vail Romance – $25-$50/person

A staple of Vail dining, Sweet Basil has been voted the #1 restaurant in Colorado by the Zagat Survey.

Moe’s Original BBQ – Affordable BBQ in Vail – $10-$15/person

Moe’s Original BBQ is a touch of Alabama transported to Colorado. If you’re hungry for authentic, home-cooked BBQ, come here.

Atwater on Gore Creek – Steaks – $30-$50/person

The Atwater on Gore Creek combines a superb experience with excellent food. Before being seated, spend a few moments in their lounge.

Terra Bistro – Locally Sourced French Cuisine – $30-$50/person

Terra Bistro is named for the Earth and their commitment to the earth shows through.

Vail Chophouse – Amazing Steaks in Vail – $10-$35/person

Vail Chophouse is a great family-friendly steakhouse. There are a couple of really cool traditions that make Vail Chophouse stand out among the steakhouses in the area.

Frost Bar – High End Drinks in Vail – $10-$50/person

Frost Bar is a bar located inside The Sebastian hotel in Vail and is known for having a wide variety of unique and creative alcoholic beverages.

Frost Bar – High End Drinks in Vail – $10-$50/person

Frost Bar is a bar located inside The Sebastian hotel in Vail and is known for having a wide variety of unique and creative alcoholic beverages.

Yellowbelly – All Natural Food in Vail – $5-$15/person

Yellowbelly has food that is all-natural, no preservatives, no fillers and no hormones–a big reason it tastes so great time and time again.

Swiss Chalet – Vail – European Cuisine – $10-$45/person

The Swiss Chalet Vail is an elegant restaurant that offers a unique dining experience and is focused on the European cuisine.

Rimini – Ice Cream & Gelato in Vail – $3-$12/person

Rimini is best known for their gelato and the variety of flavors they offer. You can choose from flavors such as birthday cake, Dr. Pepper, and more.

Garfinkel’s – Local’s Joint & Brews in Vail – $5-$25/person

Garfinkel’s is known well for their delicious nachos. This appetizer is the perfect game day starter and pairs well with a cold beer right next to you.

Osaki’s Sushi & Japanese – Sushi in Vail – $5-$60/person

Osaki’s Sushi & Japanese is a traditional Japanese restaurant that serves some of the best Japanese food throughout all of Vail.

The 10th Vail Mountain – Vail Fine Dining – $10-$40/person

The 10th Vail Mountain is a luxurious restaurant that is located on Vail Mountain. The scenery and views around the restaurant are breathtaking spectacular.

Cinebistro – Dinner & a Movie in Vail – $5-$17/person

Cinebistro is a unique experience that has taken over in Vail. The burger bar, bistro, movie theater has brought movies, drinks, and food altogether in one single place.

Kelly Liken – Multi-Course Meals in Vail – $7-$45/person

Kelly Liken prides itself on using produce sourced throughout the local community, and all meat is of the highest grade.

The Fitz – Creekside Casual in Vail – $5-$42/person

The Fitz is one of the most recognized and relaxed restaurants throughout Vail. But don’t confuse relaxed with boring.

Larkspur Restaurant & Market in Vail – $10-$45/person

The locals love the truffle parmesan fries that Larkspur Restaurant & Market has to offer. Another great selection is the mushroom royale pizza.

The Left Bank – Upscale French Cuisine – $13-$60/person

The Left Bank is an elegant restaurant that provides a wonderful dining experience throughout the Vail area.

La Bottega – Fine Italian Cuisine in Vail – $8-$40/person

La Bottega is a cozy little Italian cuisine restaurant located in Vail. Here you can enjoy many great dishes.

Cucina Rustica – Locally Sourced, Comfy Place – $9-$30/person

Located inside the Lodge resort in Vail, Cucina Rustica sees no shortage of customers between those visiting the mountain and those staying at the resort.

Altitude Billiards & Sports – Pool & Darts – $6-$20/person

In Vail, this is the Altitude Billiards & Sports, located inside a hotel though most of their clientele are locals.

Nudoru Ramen Bar – New & Cool in Vail – $6-$15/person

One of the newest restaurants in the Vail area, Nudoru Ramen Bar has quickly started gathering positive feedback.

La Cantina – Inside Vail Tranportation Center – $5-$10/person

La Cantina is often remembered as one of the most affordable places to get a quick and decent meal in Vail.

Blu’s Restaurant – Inside Racquet Club Resort – $10-$30/person

If you’re looking for a break from the prices in the Valley then dining at Blu’s Restaurant in East Vail could be a great option for a great breakfast or dinner.

Ale House and Tap – Beer, Dancing, Bar Food – $7-$27/person

Featuring local handcrafted beer, the Ale House and Tap is a great sports bar for games. After 10p, the music comes on and the kids come in.

Sushi Oka – Sushi & Hibachi in Vail – $4-$55/person

Sushi Oka has very skillful hibachi and sushi chefs. Your chef will put on an exciting and fun show while he cooks right at your table.

May Palace Restaurant – Great Chinese in Vail – $8-$28/person

When you step into the May Palace Restaurant, you’re not in Vail anymore. You are stepping into China.

Old Forge Pizza Co. – Great Pizza in Vail – $6-$16/person

The Old Forge Pizza Company is all about hand-forged freshness. What does that mean exactly? It means good ingredients made with hard work and patience.

7 one 5 – Big & Small Plates Slopeside – $10-$40/person

Perhaps the most perfect ending to a great ski day would be the Prime Rib Buffet at 7 one 5.

Minturn Restaurants

Sticky Fingers Café – Minturn Special – Less than $10/person

Sticky Fingers Café and Bakery has become one of Minturn’s favorite destinations for gourmet coffee and homemade café fare.

Minturn Country Club – Minturn Steakhouse – $31-$60/person

Minturn Country Club has a CIY concept allows you to choose your own cut of meat, and cook it yourself on one of the grills set up around the restaurant.

Kirby Cosmo’s – BBQ in Minturn – $11-$30/person

After a long day of intense calorie burning on the slopes, Kirby Cosmo’s is the perfect place to replenish.

Minturn Saloon – A Minturn Must – $11-$30/person

Open since 1901 and operated by current management since 1976, Minturn Saloon is a historic destination for travelers.

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