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Vail Terrain Park

The main terrain park at Vail is located on Golden Peak. You can access the terrain park by taking the Riva Bahn express and unloading at the mid-station.

There are also 2 terrain parks for beginners that are located on the front side of Vail. Here are a few statistics about the Golden Peak terrain park.

The Landing Pad

This invention was created by a snowboarder named Aaron Coret who suffered a paralyzing injury while snowboarding several years ago. This is like a giant air pad that is placed on the landing area of a jump. As skiers and riders land on the large mattress, their fall is cushioned by the padding.

This is designed to increase the safety level of the sport while skiers and riders are learning new tricks. You can see the Landing Pad in the photo below. This is located just to the skier’s right of the Golden Peak terrain park.

vail jump landing pad

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Vail Terrain Park