Tree Skiing

Where to Find Good Tree Skiing at Vail

Vail is one of the best ski resorts in North America for tree skiing/glade skiing. Use this information below to narrow down your search for the best tree skiing areas on Vail Mountain.

Blue Sky Basin

One of the places where you can consistently find good tree skiing at Vail is in Blue Sky Basin. As long as you avoid the more challenging trails like Lover’s Leap, Steep and Deep, and the Skree Fields; you will find mostly mild terrain here. This ski terrain is studded with cliffs and challenging natural mountain features, but these areas are easy to navigate around if you are a lower-intermediate level skier. You won’t find much grooming at all in Blue Sky Basin.

You can see Blue Sky basin in the background of the photo below…

vail skiing

Vail Front-Side Tree Skiing and Glades

The front-side of Vail has abundant tree skiing and plenty of places where you can dip into the trees to find fresh snow. One of the most challenging gladed areas can be found underneath the Vista Bahn lift. Some of these trails are labeled on the trail map as The Pumphouse and The Narrows. You will see the top of these areas when you ride up the Vista Bahn quad chairlift. You can also see this area in the center of the photo below.

vail tree skiing

Backbowls Tree Skiing

Most of the backbowls at Vail consist of open bowl areas that have scattered clumps of trees. The photo below shows the China Bowl with part of the Siberia Bowl on the right side of the photograph. This perspective shows the diversity in terrain and the mixture of open space with glade skiing in Vail’s backbowls.

vail china bowl


You can see some tree skiing at Vail in the video below. Areas that can be seen in this video include Steep and Deep (Beginning of video) and the Champagne Glades at Blue Sky Basin (Starting at about 2:20 into the video)

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