Braidwood Condominium

Braidwood Condominium in Winter Park

The Braidwood Condominium is an affordable unit for the people requiring in town accommodation. It is centrally located in the down town Winter Park just one block away from the main market making it accessible to the shops and restaurant nearby, two miles away from the lifts at Winter Park.

braidwood exterior

Braidwood Condominium Guest Accommodation :

The Condo is in all a very neat and clean unit, quite affordable and homely. It offers 3 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms. The master bedroom has 1 queen bed, 2nd bedroom has 1 queen bed, 3rd bedroom has 1 king bed and queen bed. All the three bed rooms are attached to bathrooms with jetted tub and steam. The Master bedroom has availability of shower and is well connected to a fully equipped kitchen and a wooden fireplace.

Here is the list of some additional facilities available in the guest rooms :

braidwood interior

Guest Amenities and Services at Braidwood Condominium:

The Condo is centrally located and is therefore accessible to the main market. Guests could purchase items at a very much affordable price.

It provides with 1 unit internet excess which is a remarkable feature at an affordable price to the guest. Non-smoking facilities and free underground parking is also a highlighting feature of the Condo.

It is just 2 miles away from winter park resort and nearby to skiing and golf area giving a chance to the guest to relax and rejuvenate. It offers variety of options at such an affordable price that it is considered one of its kinds.

Some of the other services available at the home include :

Braidwood Check-In/Check-Out :

Check-in: As per convenience.

Check-out: As per convenience.

braidwood kitchen

Braidwood Condominium FAQ:

Are restaurants nearby to the condominium?

Yes, it is centrally located nearby to the market and hence the restaurant is walking distance to the Condo.

Is the Condo suitable for kids?

Yes, the Condo is kids friendly which provide kids with games and facilities.

Braidwood Condominium