Vasquez Creek Inn

Vasquez Creek Inn in Winter Park

The Vasquez Creek Inn is located at Vasquez Creek and across Hideaway Park in the heart of Winter Park Colorado. It is a sort of European style mountain town inn which is quite conveniently located and accessible to shops, restaurants and the town shuttle.  vasquez creek inn exterior As it is ideally located, it always charms its visitors. Previously it was known as Gasthaus Eichler, a longtime family owned German restaurant which was taken over by Devil’s thumb ranch resort and spa owners nearby to the place.

Vasquez Creek Inn Guest Accommodation :

The Inn offers its guests with 15 rooms in all for couples as well as for families. It is all well decorated in European style with luxurious private baths. The rooms are spacious and the beds are very comfortable and cozy. Out of the 15 rooms 12 are having king size beds with two optional adjoining rooms offering double twins and one queen/twin mix.

Here is the list of some additional facilities available to the guests :

 vasquez creek room

Guest Amenities and Services at Vasquez Creek Inn :

The Inn has a partnership with Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort therefore guests could avail all the facilities like spa, restaurants etc. It also has a restaurant of itself in the Inn (Volario’s, Heck’s at the ranch, Ranch house restaurant). The hot tub and fireplace are provided so that after the day on the slopes, the guests could return back to the Inn and relax themselves with cocktails near the fireplace and soak themselves in hot tub and feel fresh.

The Inn is centrally located, that is, it is nearby to the market and dining area. It acts as a perfect home for adventure in the mountain national park and also most of the favorable places in the Winter Park area.

Some of the other services available at Vasquez Creek Inn:

vasquez creek dining

Vasquez Creek Inn Check-In/Check-Out

Check-in: As per convenience.

Check-out: As per convenience.

Vasquez Creek inn FAQ :

Is the hotel suitable for a family stay?

Yes, it is suitable for a family stay as there are 12 king sized bed rooms with two adjoining rooms offering double and one queen twin mix.

Is it accessible to favorable and expansive views?

Yes, it is very closely located to favorable places like devil’s thumb resort which offers the guest with varieties of amenities plus the in- house restaurant offers you a blend of the finest dishes.

Vasquez Creek Inn