Loaded Joe’s Vail

Loaded Joe’s-Vail

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

Address: 227 Bridge St., Vail

Hours: 6:30a-2a, every day


Loaded Joe’s Vail is the ideal place to warm up before hitting the slopes or to relax after. They have a wide variety of breakfast items and baked goods. Their rustic coffee shop atmosphere also has a wide selection of beer, wine and coffee, making this a great spot for both early mornings and late nights. Loaded Joe’s offers high quality drinks at reasonable, non-tourist prices.

What They’re Known for: Loaded Joes’ is known for three things: their coffee, booze and prices. The coffee is consistently rated some of the best in Vail. They use high-quality, gourmet beans that are freshly roasted for the best flavor. Loaded Joe’s also boasts an extensive wine and beer menu, sure to satisfy any palate. As for food, try their breakfast sandwiches—they are both filling and delicious, especially if you’re on the go!

What to Watch for: It is pretty small, so seating is limited. Instead of waiting for a table, get your meal to go. The service is reasonably fast, so stop by and grab a quick breakfast to eat on your way to the slopes. Yet, there isn’t much signage, making it easy to miss. Look for a covered bridge shop; Joe’s is right next door.

Price: $5-$10

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Loaded Joe's Vail