Mountain Cupcakes

Mountain Cupcakes

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0

Address: 162 E Gore Creek Drive, Vail, CO

Hours: 9a–7p


Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Mountain Cupcakes is your hot-spot for all of the best sweets and treats throughout Vail. Located in a quaint lodge, Mountain Cupcakes bakes each and every cake and cupcake to perfection, using only the best ingredients available. Traditional cupcakes? What’s that? Mountain Cupcakes dresses up each cupcake with decorations, colored frosting, and little morsels of delicious Heaven for you to enjoy. With outdoor seating arrangements, you can take in the view of the mountains and surrounding nature.

What They’re Known for: Mountain Cupcakes is easily known for their delicious cupcakes and cakes. They offer a wide selection of different flavors and every cake can be customized the way you want it. The cupcakes are another huge hit with loads of creamy frosting on top. Nothing tastes like it is from the store and everything is always handmade. Many customers love the chocolate drizzled macaroons and the salted caramel macaroons.

What to Watch for: Your waistline. It is going to be difficult to go into Mountain Cupcakes and only enjoy one cupcake. If you’re prone to an upset stomach, be prepared to show restraint. On the other hand, you’ve undoubtedly earned a little splurging on the slopes. Also, if you’re thinking about visiting Vail in the summer, know that Mountain Cupcakes is not open during the off season.

Price: $3 – $10

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Mountain Cupcakes - Vail