TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0

Address: 2161 N Frontage Rd. #14, Vail (located in the West Vail Mall)

Hours: Open every day from 11a-9p


In an area like Vail, it’s nice to find somewhere that doesn’t charge and arm and a leg for a good meal. And Yellowbelly is one of these rare gems. They’re known for having some of the best fried chicken in the area, as well as a wonderful rotisserie chicken for a slightly healthier option. With your entrée, you can choose sides like potatoes, salads and or even an individual cup of baked mac n cheese.

One of the best parts about Yellowbelly is the fact that all of their food is all-natural, no preservatives, no fillers and no hormones–a big reason it tastes so great time and time again. They also serve sodas, but instead of your traditional flavoring, they provide fountain drinks filled with natural cane sugar. This restaurant was founded by a family who knew what they liked and knew that people needed a place to eat on a budget and still get delicious, wholesome food.

What They’re Known for: If we’re picking one thing, Yellowbelly has some of the best—and best priced—fried chicken in the area.

What to Watch for: Menu changes. Every once in a while, this restaurant likes to modify their menu slightly. If you’re returning here as an old favorite, don’t dismiss the possibility that you may not be able to find your dish on the menu.

Price: $5-15

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